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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sad post about my Dog!

I haven't shared too much of my personal life on here but I need to get this off my chest tonight, so I am going to share a little bit about my dog, Tori. My husband I adopted Tori in January of 2014. She was rescued from a Boxer Rescue in a neighboring town close by us. As you can see, she isn't a Boxer, or I should say looks like one. She has a Boxer shape. Her Mom was a full bred Boxer but we have no idea what Dad was.

My husband talked me into getting a dog because I had started to talk about wanting a baby. We had told each other before we got married that we wouldn't have any children or pets. That was our deal. Well, that deal was soon broken by the adoption of this lovely dog. And it's funny because a year later in January of 2005, we welcomed our baby girl, Molli Cora. Ha! So much for the dog not making me want to have a baby. It's funny how life works out sometimes!

Anyways, Tori turned 13 in November. We started to notice that she was thirsty all the time and constantly hungry. I took her to the vet because I was worried that maybe she was developing diabetes. After further testing, it was shown she has Cushing's Disease. It's like she is on a steroid 24/7 and is hungry & thirsty all the time. The vet said we could put her on medication to help the urges but he wasn't 100% sure it would work. The meds are very costly too. He said if we chose not to do the medication, it wouldn't affect her lifespan. So at this time, she isn't on any medication.

Things have gotten worse as she suffers from this disease. She has torn up trash, ate 17 doughnuts (yes, you read that right), ate 2 boxes of tissue, and the list goes on and on. I am shocked she has survived most of this, especially those doughnuts. She was pretty sick the next day! Poor thing cries a lot for food. As I am typing this, she is sitting on the floor by my feet crying because she is ready to eat her third meal.

I am so torn! Today my husband decided it was time she be crated again while we are at work. That about broke my heart. Tori hasn't been crated for several years. I hate that is has come to this. I feel horrible for her! But we are at a loss on what to do. Luckily, I work from home every Monday and Tuesday, so she can be with me and not in the crate. Matt works from home the rest of the week but does have to leave from time to time. I am hoping she gets used to the crate again because we are running out of options on what to do.

I am planning to take her to the vet next week to see what our options are. I am not ready to give up this girl to death. I love her so much but I also hate to see her suffering. I don't think it's fair for me to hold onto her while she is clearly living with this disease. The sad thing is that she is still so loving. I am selfish but I want to keep her around for a while. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!

That picture is from last year when she was healthier. She is currently suffering some hair loss and has a pot belly. :(

Thanks for listening to me tonight!

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