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Monday, February 13, 2017


Look what is LIVE and FREE!!!!! Grab your cop today @ www.mysweetvillain.com!!


Get cozy with a villain this Valentine's Day. FLOWERS OPTIONAL. To celebrate this Valentine's Day, five of the most twisted minds in dark romance decided to get together and let their demons run wild... Each author has brought something unique to the table - or should we say, someONE. A terrifying villain. A broken antihero. A sexy bad boy.

*** Why isn't this available to purchase on retailers like Amazon or iBooks? *** Simple - because we knew we wanted to break ALL the rules. We wanted to bring you the darkest, most messed-up pieces of our characters. Think dubious consent. Think bondage. Think violent delights. Think “this book is banned” within about an hour. We didn’t want to get banned from publishing our books with the big stores completely. But we DID want to swim in the dark depths of our souls. And you know - for such a dark place, the water is surprisingly warm ;p SO we decided to make this collection accessible to EVERYONE, for EVERY ereader, and best of all – FREE. Ready to dip a toe in?

Right this way… www.mysweetvillain.com

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