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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This Image Holds True for Me

This image is one of my favorites! I think it holds true for how I truly feel about books! One of my earliest images of loving books is going to the library and always checking out Cinderella. I must have checked that book out a hundred times. It was my favorite! I can still picture walking with my aunt (my mom's younger sister) to our local library, which was only 3 blocks from my grandparent's house. I do recall one time though where I was so excited, that I ran across the highway without even looking for cars. My Aunt Shelly was so upset with me! She ran after me and gave me a stern warning that if I ever did that again, she wouldn't take me to the library no more! Well, I never made that mistake again! There was no way I was giving up my trips to the library! Please share your early memories of going to the library or just for the love of books!

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