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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My review of From the Beginning by Mignon Mykel

This was a great read! A simple note is all it takes for Noah Prescott, who is fighting for a spot on the NHL roster, to finally talk to Ryleigh Scott. Noah has been eye balling Ryleigh for a while but is hesitant about making a move to talk to her. His teammates have all noticed the way he searches for her face during games but won't admit it. Ryleigh's eyes seem to follow Noah on the ice. Her friend takes notice and tells Ryleigh she should give Noah a note after the game. The note is just the beginning of something that both Noah and Ryleigh are unsure to explore in the beginning. Their paths continue to cross and they finally decide to explore how things could be. They are both characters that felt real. I could relate to both of them trying to find the right path to follow. This book is a sweet read, so if you are looking for "extra sexy scenes", then this book isn't for you. I like a sweet, slow paced read with lots of tension from time to time. This book was all that and more! The ending and epilogue were fantastic! The author did a fabulous job! I look forward to more books from Mignon Mykel!

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  1. <3 Thank you for the lovely review!! I hope to have Caleb's book out to the world mid- to late summer :)