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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sorry I haven't been posting as much.......

This about sums up why I haven't been posting as much here lately! Soccer season started for my little one last week! And that's on top of dance lessons, homework and Girl Scouts! She keeps me hopping (glad I only  have 1, I can't imagine more than 1). I may have said that out loud the other day (hmmmm) and got a death glare from another dance mother. Her daughter dances in the class before my girl's. She was in the dance area watching her daughter practice her routine for the upcoming dance recital, all the while, her little 5 year old daughter was outside by herself. The dance studio just happens to sit up on a hill by a very busy road. We didn't know what to do? Should we tell the little girl to get back in the studio, get the mother or look the other way? We all choose to look the other way. I didn't think it was my responsibility to chase after this child, who wasn't mine? Maybe that makes me a bad person? I don't know! So anyways, the class ends and the mother goes searching for her brood! She has to count them to make sure she has all the kids with her! I slightly whispered to my friend, I am so glad I just have the 1! That caused me to get a death stare from the mother counting her children. I just glared back!!! Anyways, as always I am very thankful to God for the one precious little gem that I have. Maybe he knew I couldn't handle more!

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