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Sunday, February 28, 2016

This is War, Baby by K. Webster 5 ***** Read

I love a good dark romance!! They tend to make me rethink everything and want more! This book left me breathless and definitely wanting more!

"Sometimes, sweetheart, you have to make sacrifices. You, doll, are a sacrifice. Your part is small, but it is so significant."

Baylee is not your typical teenager. She has underlying fantasies about sex and who she is having it with. She is abruptly taken by someone she trusted. We witness her fear, hate, lust, grief, and pain as her life takes an extreme highway to hell. Her captor is very psychotic and spent on keeping Baylee all to himself even though his ulterior motive for taking her is to sell her! Gabe can be cruel, tender and very conniving. Poor Baylee has witnessed all of his behaviors!

Baylee quickly learns she will be sold into the sex slave market. Gabe has prepared her for the worse. Luckily, she is purchased by War. Baylee is thrust into a world with War that is different from what she had with Gabe.

War has issues that are caused from an tragic event in his teenage years. He once lead a normal life but now spends his days alone in his home afraid of the world. Baylee is the light that he seeks in his dark days. She brings him peace when he can't see anything else.

Just as I thought War and Baylee would live happily ever after, the darkness appeared and it was all over!! I was screaming "NO" at the end!!! The twist that was thrown at me took me by surprise and makes me want the next book ASAP!!!! K. Webster the darkness becomes you!!! I am highly anticipating to see what happens next!!!!

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