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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Dark Light of Day Review by T.M. Frazier

I started reading this book last week! I thought to myself, why haven't I read this before now??? It was awesome! I shouldn't have expected any less by T.M. Frazier! I had read King & Tyrant before and loved them both! So I am still not sure what the hold up was on me reading this book!!

This book grabbed my attention from the very first page!! I will forewarn you, this isn't your typical romance novel of boy meets girl and they fall in love! There is so much emotional, heartbreak, mystery and darkness!!

Jake Dunn is suffering from the loss of his mother and brother. His Dad is suffering too but putting the blame on Jake! Poor Jake leaves home and swears he will never come back to Florida again.

Poor Abby Ford is so a damaged from her childhood. She has been moving in and out for foster child due to bad parenting issues. Her life seems to be moving towards brightness when she finally moves in with her Nan,

Bad circumstances happen to both Jake and Abby, which causes them to meet each other. That first meeting was very unexpected and gives you a inside look at Jake's life since he left home!! My heart was thumping!!!

Jake & Abby slowly fall in love. Abby still suffers from issues of trusting those who want to get close to her. She finally breaks down and tells Jake why she doesn't like his touch and shows him why. Jake is so sweet and tender and let's Abby know his secret too. They begin a relationship that seems to work well for these two damaged souls.

Jake let's Abby know he has a job to finish and promises to be back as soon as he can. Abby is worried that he won't come back to her but tries her best to be hopeful!

Owen (horrible boy that he is) does the unthinkable to Abby the night that Jake leaves town. Owen who was supposedly an friend from school has turned into this monster who thinks Abby belongs to him.

Horrible circumstances and lies cause Jake and Abby not to be together anymore.

Years have past and things have changed since Jake & Abby have seen each other. Will they be able to get back to the place the were before?

I don't want to give too much on what happens next but I will let you know this, it is one heck of a wild ride that will have you crying, screaming and laughing. And you will be hoping that love will find these two again!

There is a follow up novella called Dark Needs: A Dark Light of the Day Novella that I plan to read next. I would suggest you do also!

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