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Monday, February 15, 2016

My review of Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds


Aurora Rose Reynolds has done it again!!!! She never disappoints me with her Alpha Men who like to take control!!!

I have been waiting for Sven's book for a very long time!!! He sounded so mysterious and suave in the previous books!! I even asked Aurora about Sven when I finally got to meet her at a signing in Nashville!!! My friend and I were so excited when she said Sven was coming soon!!! Well, she didn't disappoint us and made good on her promise!!!

We get an early glimpse into young Sven's life and see why it made him the man he is today. He has it all with money, women and owns several businesses within Las Vegas. The only thing he doesn't have it love! His past has taught him love isn't enough!

Oh my goodness did I ever love Maggie!!!! She was hilarious, sassy and so strong willed. I was laughing out loud when her and Sven butted heads when they first met!!!

Maggie was desperately searching for who drugged her sister at one of Sven's clubs. She was hell bent on finding that person and not letting anyone stand in her way, including Sven! Sven finally gives up and decides to make Maggie his personal assistant. It seems to be a win win for them both!

Sparks fly as these two spend more time together! We get to see Sven's alpha side when it comes to Maggie! Sven feels the feelings right off the bat! Maggie takes some time to give into her feelings for Sven. She feels like she isn't good enough for him or the type of girl he would want.

This was a great book told from both of their POVs. It was full of romance, action (I love how she always throws in some good ACTION and doesn't always  make it about romance) and some very steamy scenes!

I am excited for her upcoming books Until June and Justin's story, Infatuation!

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