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Friday, February 5, 2016

Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster Review

If you have never read a K. Webster book, you need to find yourself one and give it a try!!! Dirty Ugly Toy was such an excellent read!! This book is intriguing, dark, sexy and sweet!! It is everything wrapped up into one!
It was so hard to put down! I found myself flying thru the pages as quickly as I could! My 30 minute lunch breaks were spent in my car (mind you on cold Indiana winter days), indulging in this book!!!

I loved that we got to hear from "him" and "her". I like when I get to hear both sides of the story!

Oh Braxton!!! I just didn't know what to expect from him after reading the first few pages. He definitely grabbed my attention!! I was curious what happened to his "toy" after he ended the relationship. The author leaves it up to you to suspect the obvious.

Jessica had a dark, traumatic and tragic past, which led her to a horrible current situation but she was surviving in her own way. Until Braxton pulled up on the street in London searching for his next toy. Braxton thought he was finding a toy that would be easily trained to his desires like the previous girls. But he was wrong!! His "Bunny" was defiant and not at all what he expected!

The scenes grab your attention and make you want more!! Braxton has his reasons for what he does and they don't always make sense. Jessica also has her reasons for why she was on the run in London. It all comes down to a conclusion that is mind blowing!

I would give this star 5 stars and more! I can't wait for the author's next dark read, :This is War, Baby"!

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