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Monday, June 12, 2017

My Review of Unraveled by Nicole Dykes

Unraveled (The Monroe Family Book 5) by [Dykes, Nicole]

Unraveled by Nicole Dykes is the fifth book in The Monroe Family Series but can be read as a Standalone (which I did). This is the story of Shriller & Alex, characters who have been talked about in the previous books!!

Alex, is a girl, with a mind of her own. She is strong willed, tells it like is and holds nothing back. You get the real deal with her!

Shriller is a hot guy, who knows what he wants! He is witty, charismatic,and known as a good guy.

A friendship blossoms when Shriller gets injured and Alex, is the one there for him the most. She fills the need that no one else can.

Will Shriller become more than just a friend to Alex? Will Alex want more? You must READ to find out!

The author did an amazing job of building up the sexual tension between Alex and Shriller. She makes you want to keep on turning the pages to see what will happen next.

Nicole is a new author to me and a Facebook friend!! I highly enjoyed this book and plan to go back to read all the previous books in this series. They are on my TBR list for the Summer!

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