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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~My Review of This Isn't You, Baby by K. Webster~

She did it again!! K. Webster took my breath away so many times in this book!! And I may have screamed "No" at the end! This book will have you craving and demanding for more!!! This book will take you on another wild ride that K. Webster is famous for in this series!! And yes, you MUST read all the previous books in order in this series to fully understand what is going on. You don't want to be lost and confused! And most importantly of all, you want to know all of the wild, crazy and dark story of all of these characters in the series! The author has done a fabulous job with each book letting us get to know a new character that will be in the next book!

Brie (Gabe's daughter) is living day to day with a monster who adopted her. Heath is an unsavory character with bad intentions. The only brightness to help her survive are her adopted sister and a few friends. We get to meet some new characters who have a HUGE impact on Brie's story! Duvan, Esteban and Oscar, who belong to a dangerous family that is intertwined with Heath. The author did a great job with these guys! She took a twist on a whole new world of unsavoriness and darkness! But remember some may not be what they always seem!

This book will leave you stunned, shocked, excited, and most of all screaming for more!! I can't wait for the next wild ride she plans to take us on!! Well, done K. Webster, well done!

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