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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Review of Until Sage by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Sage (Until Him, #2)Until Sage by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aurora Rose Reynolds has wrote another great story with a beloved alpha bossy Mayson.

Sage didn't disappoint. He is a Mayson thru and thru with the tendencies to be over the top and go after what he wants!

Kimberly was a different heroine, that I grew to love. She has some sass to her and will fight Sage tooth and nail along the way. It was good to see her not always giving in to his bossiness.

The love story between Sage and Kimberly was refreshing and a little different than what we are used to from the author!

I always love and enjoy the Maysons when they get to together. It's fun to see what all the boys and girls have been up too. And I love the older Mayson men, getting to watch their offspring when the BOOM hits them! If you don't know what BOOM means, then you need to remedy that by reading Until Asher (first book in all of this series) and find out!

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