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Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Belated Mother's Day and more!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone out there! I think even if you aren't a mother, you still have some kind of impact on a child's life or even an animal! I am apologizing for missing in action this weekend!! My life has been a whirlwind lately but it's a good thing!

My baby girl graduated from 6th grade on Friday!! I can't believe it! I remember like it was yesterday, when I was dropping her off for her first day of kindergarten! While I am sad, I am also so very happy and blessed that she is healthy and growing up to be a sweet and mature young lady. We enjoyed the day with going out  to eat afterwards at Buffalo Wild Wings (her pick) and then shopped a little. She then took off with 3 friends to go see a movie! It was a very enjoyable day!!!

The weekend was a blur of cleaning out her playroom (another sad thing but good), planting flowers, working at the church nursery, watching my girl sing one last time with the children's choir at church and just hanging out together as a family! The sunshine was beautiful and made the days even better! We suffered thru a lot of rain the past few weeks, so to see the sun was a blessing!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and were blessed to spend it with the ones they love the most!
Let's hope for a great week filled with love, laughter and may blessings!


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