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Monday, March 20, 2017

My Review of Big Girls Do It Stronger!

Big Girls Do It StrongerBig Girls Do It Stronger by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Big Girls Do It Running, Jasinda helps to ease you off sugar and etc. with her 8 week challenge. I think it would be very beneficial for you to read Big Girls Do It Running before you dive into this book.

I will be honest! I did the 8 week challenge last summer and did pretty well until my vacation with my family. I fell off the wagon in a big way! Sugar and Diet Coke were my friend again! I found comfort with the junk that I have always loved.

I tried to do the 8 weeks again this past winter. I did okay but still wasn't following the plan 100%. I am currently in Jasinda's Facebook Group that she originated in May. I encourage you to join if you have read both books or even just the first book. She is quick to answer any questions you may have and is very active in that group. I am currently "lurking" in the shadows.

I know this plan works if you I put my best effort into it. I bought this book because I wanted more of her Wilder Way recipes and I wanted to learn more about weight lifting. The recipes are a fresh take on a "low carb" diet and I can't wait to try them out! I feel more encouraged now to try a kettle bell workout, lift weights and know that I am worth it!

Jasinda Wilder is a big cheerleader who is helping a lot of people reach their goals in life! I love her saying of "new meal, new choices". I use that a lot in my life! I encourage you to pick up both of her books if you are tired of feeling bad about yourself and want to make a change!

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