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Monday, November 7, 2016

So I ran a half marathon this weekend........

This is so true!!! I am not sure I would go that far though, jumping off a cliff! Ha! Maybe if there is a cool medal involved.

I ran my 3rd half marathon this weekend with some good friends! I was super pumped when the race started! I felt good! Then mile 6 happened and my blood sugar dipped! I told my friend Mallory to go ahead without me. She was worried that I would be mad at her for finishing before me. I said, "No, go ahead! You are 12 years younger than me! Go for it!" So off she went! I ate some of my energy chews and started to feel better! But around mile 11, I gave up again. At that point, I was thinking to myself, this is so stupid! I am not doing anymore half marathons!

But finally I saw that finish line and I went for it (well, sort of). I made it! I earned my medal and all the calories I wanted!

After the race, my lungs were burning. I forgot to mention I had a nasty cold the week before. I tried to kill the germs with shots of Fireball (that's my husband's cure all for everything). Well, on Saturday night, my cough took a turn for the worse, so I knew I needed to get checked out. I went to the local Urgent Care and was diagnosed with an ear, upper respiratory and sinus infection!! I got some good meds and I am on the road to recovery! But I do have to say, I feel like a ROCK STAR for doing a half marathon and being sick!

I hope you all enjoyed a great fall weekend! The weather here in Indiana has turned cooler and you can see the pretty fall foliage! It's my favorite time of the year!

Oh and I forgot to mention, we are already thinking about our next half marathon! Ha!

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