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Monday, November 28, 2016

My Review of Pretty Lost Dolls

F~A~N~T~A~S~T~I~C!!! These two authors writing together is pure GOLD! This books starts out right where it left off with Pretty Stolen Dolls! Poor Jade has found herself in Benny's clutches again.

Her sweet broken sister Macy, is suffering from a bad mental lapse in judgment and has become Benny's accomplice.

"She. Left. Me. And for that, she would pay. She didn't know it yet, but she was always just a guest in that place she called home. This is where she belongs- here. The cell is her home. She just needs reminding of that fact." -Benny

This time around, Benny's Dirty Little Doll is a tough cop who is going to fight him tooth and nail to save herself and the ones she loves. Benny won't be any match for this dolly!

I enjoyed the back story of Benny's life and how it molded him into the man he is today. Those flashes caused me to feel just a tad sorry for him. He did suffer some heartache at the hands of his crazy parents.

You have do have to feel a tad sorry for Macy, poor little Broken Doll! She was really broken in the head and Benny found her weaknesses and used them against her.

Benny may think he has Jade but someone wants her more and is willing to fight hard for her! Oh Dillon!!! What a swoon worthy boyfriend you have turned out to be. He loves Jade and is going to do everything within his power to get her back! I loved how we saw a softer side to Dillon!

The ending will take your breath away! I wasn't expecting such a scary conclusion but who I'm I kidding, I wouldn't expect nothing less from these authors! I am hoping this storyline continues and we get more of the deranged characters we have come to enjoy!

YOU must READ this series!!!

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