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Monday, June 20, 2016

A little review for Big Girls Do It Running by Jasinda Wilder

This book here is awesome if you are looking to change your eating habits, lifestyle and more. I think Jasinda Wilder is going to start a Revolution like she is dreaming about! I was a Diet Mountain Dew addict for over 27 years. I also was stopping at McDoanld's about every other day to get a Diet Coke (there is something about their Diet Cokes). Well, guess what, I am currently on my fourth week without a soft drink. I kicked that habit to the curb and I am not looking back. My body craves water or unsweet iced tea. Both of them satisfy me! I have also kicked my old buddy pal sugar to the curb too! I used to chew sugar gum like it was going out of style. I can't tell you how much better my teeth look and how I can't wait to see the dentist's face the next time I go for a cleaning! I am currently in the Big Girls Do It Running Challenge Group on Facebook!! We are on week #5 and I just know big changes are coming and they are going to be good. I am not down any weight but have lost several inches from my waist, have energy out of this world and just a better positive feeling about myself. I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you take the time to read this book and follow what Jasinda says! I will update more as time goes on with the weekly challenges! I would definitely get this book if I were you!!!

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